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  1. 安装并配置好node.js(全局安装)
  2. 使用npm安装了electron(全局安装)
  3. 写好的网页




  "name"    : "app-name",
  "version" : "0.1.0",
  "main"    : "main.js"

3.在 main.js 中添加下面的内容,这个 main.js 文件就是上面 package.json 中的 “main”键 的值,所以可根据需要修改,需要注意的是这里设置的窗口大小是800X600,很有可能打包之后会出现布局错乱,所以你要改成页面显示的最佳比例

const {app, BrowserWindow} = require('electron')
const path = require('path')
const url = require('url')
// Keep a global reference of the window object, if you don't, the window will
// be closed automatically when the JavaScript object is garbage collected.
let win
function createWindow () {
  // Create the browser window.
  win = new BrowserWindow({width: 800, height: 600})
  // and load the index.html of the app.
    pathname: path.join(__dirname, 'index.html'),
    protocol: 'file:',
    slashes: true
  // Open the DevTools.
  // win.webContents.openDevTools()
  // Emitted when the window is closed.
  win.on('closed', () => {
    // Dereference the window object, usually you would store windows
    // in an array if your app supports multi windows, this is the time
    // when you should delete the corresponding element.
    win = null
// This method will be called when Electron has finished
// initialization and is ready to create browser windows.
// Some APIs can only be used after this event occurs.
app.on('ready', createWindow)
// Quit when all windows are closed.
app.on('window-all-closed', () => {
  // On macOS it is common for applications and their menu bar
  // to stay active until the user quits explicitly with Cmd + Q
  if (process.platform !== 'darwin') {
app.on('activate', () => {
  // On macOS it's common to re-create a window in the app when the
  // dock icon is clicked and there are no other windows open.
  if (win === null) {
// In this file you can include the rest of your app's specific main process
// code. You can also put them in separate files and require them here.


npm install electron-packager -g


electron-packager . app --win --out presenterTool --arch=x64 --electron-version 1.4.14 --overwrite --ignore=node_modules

以上命令中electron-packager . (应用名) –win –out (打包生成的文件名) –arch=(系统) –electron-version (electron版本) –overwrite –ignore=node_modules


7.本文大部分引自  戳我 原文中打包命令不可用,可参考上面第五步的命令

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